Flexible offer

We create durable packaging intended for different purposes, in a broad design and size range, from the scratch. We ensure that each of our products meets the individual requirements of the customer.

Baked goods

Bread is one of the most important products in the kitchen. Bakeries, wholesalers, supermarkets and grocery stores do their best to keep the freshness and valuable taste of the food thanks to proper packaging as long as possible. Our company understands these needs well. That's why we offer special bread packaging.

Farm produce

We supply the highest quality environmentally-friendly packaging for herbs, vegetables and fruits. They make the products keep their freshness and become easy to transport. We design and produce flower packaging, for example sleeves for cut and potted plants and wrap rolls. Made from the top quality environmentally-friendly materials, our packaging is durable and resistant to water. We also ensure that our packaging is not only protective but also aesthetic. It’s intended for export, wholesale and retail.

In our offer we have a ready range of sizes and designs, but we can perform any project upon individual request.


We offer high quality laminates, which protect the packaged products against external factors. This solution extends the shelf life of many food products and other articles.

Our laminates protect the packaged product against such factors as oxygen, steam, light or UV radiation. This kind of packaging is also characterized by high durability due to the combination of different types of film. The use of laminates also makes interlayer printing possible, which protects the imprint against damage and increases its aesthetic value.


As a manufacturer of plastic bags and packaging we supply our products not only to the textile, but also food industry. Our modern solutions can be used in many different areas. We manufacture lightweight shirt and garment packaging for the clothing industry. For everyday shopping, we make handy bags in which you can carry any product.

Despite our many years of market experience, we keep developing constantly. We regularly enrich our production process with new technologies and ideas. We strive to make our plastic packaging a universal and durable product of the highest quality. This is why we are able to adapt to the individual needs of even the most demanding customers.