Wojciech Frąckowiak

Finance, accounting, HR. Wojciech Frąckowiak and his team are responsible for the finances of the company and the cooperation with eastern markets: Russia and Ukraine.

Tomasz Frąckowiak

Tomasz and his team tasks are not limited exclusively to Agro market . New projects, export, JV with Mediane ... If in our company happens something new, it happens because of Tomasz and his team.

Dominik Maciejewski

Always on time, always on schedule. Dominik and his associates are responsible for the logistics of supply, ordering and production. The main task of the team is to care for domestic buyers of Efekt products.

Aleksandra Maciejewska

Domestic suppliers of bread is one of the most important groups of cooperating with the Efekt. Aleksandra and her team are responsible for the correct operation of this sector and coordinate the ordering process for the bakeries cooperating with JERONIMO MARTINS POLAND SA.